Whether you want to give your partner a special promise ring to prove your undying love, or you need to buy an engagement ring, you want to ensure that you choose the best rings for your love. Promise rings, wedding rings, and ring sets come in a wide range of styles. You want to ensure that you choose the right ring for their personality, rather than simply guessing at what they’ll like. Our ring guide will help you to make the right choice that brings a smile to their face.

Rings are available in a wide range of styles. There are traditional styles that date back many decades. There are modern and sleek styles that are simpler but more elegant. Rings can also be in fantasy styles, with embossing, engraving, and enamel. Rings can simply be plain band rings for women or rings for men, or they can have one or more gemstones set into the ring. Ring settings can vary from pronged to bevelled settings. 

People who are active or use their hands a lot for work may prefer more durable styles of wedding rings without gemstones, or a more durable bevelled setting that holds the gems securely. More gems also means that the risk is greater for losing a stone. People who have less menial jobs may prefer a fancy ring that’s full of gems.

Gemstone colour is also important. If your partner doesn’t like green or blue, then don’t choose an emerald or sapphire ring. Metal colour is also important. There are choices of gold, silver, rose gold (the new copper), titanium, and black. 

You may want to take a peek at what types of rings that your partner currently wears. This will give a good indication of what they prefer to wear. 

If they don’t frequently wear rings, check out their jewellery box. If there’s more than one type of ring, chances are good that’s what they prefer. 

You can also ask your partner what types of rings they like. Keep your engagement plans a surprise by mentioning that you’re scoping out gifts for Christmas or birthday.

Many people don’t like to purchase diamonds, due to all the controversy surrounding them. That’s why cheap rings may be the solution. There are conflict-free Canadian diamonds, but they are expensive. Until your fifth or tenth wedding anniversary, you can purchase attractive ring sets now that keep you within your wedding budget.

Also examine your partner’s tastes in music, arts, sports, or hobbies. They can provide some clues as to what types of rings they might prefer. What kinds of clothes do they wear? Are they always dressing formally and would prefer a fancier ring? Or do they wear jeans and t-shirts and may prefer a simpler style?

When you spend time and thought into choosing the perfect wedding rings from our site, your partner will be not only be surprised, but pleased at how well you chose the perfect ring for them!


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Ring Sizes
 Size 5 = about 16mm diameter
Size 6 = about 16.5mm diameter
Size 7 = about 17.5mm diameter
Size 8 = about 18mm diameter
Size 9 = about 19mm diameter
Size 10 = about 20mm diameter
Size 11 = about 20.5mm diameter
Size 12 = about 21.5mm diameter
Size 13 = about 22.5mm diameter
Size 14 = about 23.5mm diameter