Focus on Your Love, Then Your Rings

Focus on Your Love, Then Your Rings

Congratulations! You’ve found the perfect soulmate so you can spend the rest of your life together. It doesn’t happen all that often — you merely have to count all those single friends you have. When you’ve made a commitment to be together, through fun as well as trying times, you'll most likely need engagement and wedding rings that are as special as your relationship.

Many couples stress about the high cost of weddings. Often, these costs aren’t even directly proportional to other party costs. Many couples choose to have small weddings in a local community centers, or in their backyards. A BBQ covers the meal, while your favourite cousin who loves to cook can bake your wedding cake. There are many ways to save money over the high markup costs of a wedding. 

Focus on your love first, then your wedding rings. Wedding rings shouldn’t cost thousands of dollars. Do you really need an expensive 18 karat gold, 2-carat diamond engagement ring? Or, are you happy with affordable rings? Many couples who celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary often splurge on more expensive rings at that point. By then, couples are usually more financially stable. Set a goal and stick with it!

Affordable wedding rings don’t have to look cheap. You can still find some attractive and trendy rings at our website. Here, wedding rings are available in a wide range of styles and sizes, for both men and women. There are a wide range of coloured gemstones to choose from, as well as ring metal colours. Your special wedding rings can be as simple or as elaborate as you like, but without all the additional costs of paying for real rubies, sapphires, or 18K gold.

Once you’ve chosen your engagement ring and matching wedding band sets, you can focus on the rest of your wedding. Since you purchased inexpensive wedding rings, you’ll now have more money to spend on a great photographer, as your wedding photographs are going to be treasured for a lifetime.

If you’re curious about what types of rings you can find on our site, we have a large selection of sterling silver rings, titanium rings, engagement rings, and of course, wedding rings for both men and women. 

Gemstones vary from created gems to cubic zirconia, and genuine semi-precious stones. You can also choose rings for your fashion wardrobe from our site too.

You can simplify the shopping process and purchase ring sets on our site. Many couples today like to shop for rings together. Often people’s tastes can be surprising, so it’s important to choose the right rings in advance.

It’s a lot of fun to let your partner choose their own ring(s). It’s also very important to get the sizing right. Rings on our site are available in sizes 5 to 14. There is also a ring chart on each product's page, to help you get the size right. You can mark the measurements onto a piece of paper to fit around your finger, to help you choose the right size.

Remember to focus first on your love for each other, and you’ll both have a fantastic life together!

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Ring Sizes
 Size 5 = about 16mm diameter
Size 6 = about 16.5mm diameter
Size 7 = about 17.5mm diameter
Size 8 = about 18mm diameter
Size 9 = about 19mm diameter
Size 10 = about 20mm diameter
Size 11 = about 20.5mm diameter
Size 12 = about 21.5mm diameter
Size 13 = about 22.5mm diameter
Size 14 = about 23.5mm diameter