How to Shop for Rings for Men

It may be difficult to shop for the perfect wedding ring for a woman, but it can be even more difficult to shop for a man. Whether you’re considering a birthday gift, surprise engagement ring (women can do the asking nowadays too!), or a wedding ring, some people don't know what they want in a ring. Here’s a brief guide to figure out how to demonstrate your love.

Just because your man doesn’t currently wear a ring doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s not interested in one. Perhaps he doesn’t own any rings, or never considered shopping for one. 

Your man will love a daily reminder of your love. An engagement or wedding ring for a man is a piece of commemorative jewellery. While they may not be able to wear their ring at their job if they work with machinery, after work they’ll proudly wear their special ring.

You’ll first need to figure out your man’s ring size. You can print out small measurement rulers from online that will provide a guide. You can cut these out and wrap around their finger to figure out exact size. It may be tricky to measure your man’s finger if it’s a surprise gift, but if his ring finger is the same size as one of your fingers, then measure your finger instead. Do measure your finger when the weather isn’t too hot or too cold, as fingers can expand and swell.

There are about four basic shapes of rings. One is called the classic court. This is your standard banded ring with rounded surface on both sides. There are also flat rings, which have a flat surface on both sides. D-shaped rings are rounded on the top and flat on the interior. Flat court are flat on the top and rounded on the interior. 

Your next option will be choosing a thin or thick band. Thinner is likely more comfortable. If he’s not used to wearing rings, it’s best to avoid a super-wide ring, at least for your first purchase. 

There are many different types of ring metals for cheap rings. Sterling silver rings are some of the most common on our site, but we also offer titanium rings too. Rings are available in a wide range of colours, from white to blue to gold to black. 

Once you’ve decided on the basic colour and shape of a ring, your next choice is going to be more difficult. Do you want the ring to be plain, to consist of patterns or engravings, or to have other types of materials, such as wood, installed in it?

Take a look through our site to have an idea of what types of rings to buy for men. You may even decide to purchase matching wedding rings for men and women. Some people feel this is important, while other couples don’t mind if their rings match, as long as they love them.

Bookmark your favourite rings, then have your friends or family help you narrow down your options to the perfect ring for your love. 


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Ring Sizes
 Size 5 = about 16mm diameter
Size 6 = about 16.5mm diameter
Size 7 = about 17.5mm diameter
Size 8 = about 18mm diameter
Size 9 = about 19mm diameter
Size 10 = about 20mm diameter
Size 11 = about 20.5mm diameter
Size 12 = about 21.5mm diameter
Size 13 = about 22.5mm diameter
Size 14 = about 23.5mm diameter